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Why we do this

Literacy not only allows us to communicate through reading and writing; it opens the door to a world of fantasy, awakens our creativity, encourages critical thinking and constitutes one of the most effective vehicles to generate equality. Libros para México aims to bring children closer to books in order to generate interest in reading. 

We are convinced that written culture enables us to make breakthroughs by overcoming obstacles while allowing us to dream.  


What we do

We proudly present 5 exemplary projects of our partner organisations.

1) Inclusion Program

by ibby mÉxico

IBBY México's Inclusion Program was initiated in 2010 in order to bring children and young people with disabilities or who are linguistically or culturally diverse closer to the joy of reading. We are convinced that language appropriation (linguistic appropriation) contributes to creating better conditions for equality and personal development.

The materials we use for this purpose are adapted or transformed to make them accessible to children with disabilities or who are linguistically or culturally diverse.

Materials offered by the BS-IBBY México Library include Braille books, audio books, and video books in Lengua de Señas Mexicana (Mexican Sign Language). In addition, premises are equipped to enable children and young people with or without disabilities to use and enjoy the available materials.

Since not all of our recipients have the possibility to visit our libraries, we have taken our materials and activities to their places of reunion or meeting points, increasing the number of  people who can benefit from our library.

Inclusion program

By Ibby MÉxico

2) BS-IBBY México Library

by ibby mÉxico

BS-IBBY México Library is the core of our institution and the fundamental base of all our programs. With an archive of 30,000 books, it has become the biggest specialized library for children and young adults in Mexico.

Also, as part of our inventory we have 600 special editions of books (Braille books, video books in Mexican Sign Language, audio books, books in several indigenous languages).

Our library is unique in its kind because the inventory accessible for our visitors is selected according to our Children's and Young People's Book Guide. Books pertaining to this guide provide readers with a meaningful experience by allowing them to get to know themselves better as well as other realities surrounding them. This allows them to build a more critical way of thinking. We welcome guests from different age groups and cultural as well as socio-economic backgrounds who have diverse interests and needs. The guidance of our librarians our recipients develop psychosocial abilities through the use of written culture and develop study habits that provide them with a greater sense of community for their later paths of life.

Thanks to the generosity and the trust put in us by the Alfredo Harp Helú's Foundation, we own premises that enable us to house our offices and library as well as various recreational activities which ignite the passion for reading in a lot of people. Since its inauguration five years ago, the BS-IBBY México Library has become a cherished place for those who enjoy reading, discoursing and spending time with each other.

3) Libraries Program

Libros para Pueblos (LPP)

This program aims to provide each LLP-Network library with 100 new books annually. Additionally, the program promotes the introduction of new libraries into the LLP-Network, providing them with 300-400 new books in the first year. In 2017 we delivered 8,500 books to the libraries.

All books are chosen carefully with regards to the quality of their content and the materials they are made of. Books are being selected with a focus on subjects that appeal to children and young adults such as the environment, the human body, general knowledge, tales, stories, etc. excluding books with political or religious contents.

All libraries interested in participating in any of our programs need to send a written application.  Applications are carefully evaluated by the staff and approved by LPP's executive committee.

Libraries registered for this or any other program need to sign a cooperation agreement binding themselves to certain operational rules in order to achieve a maximum impact in the communities where they are located.

Number of participants: 72 libraries. More than 70% of which are located in rural areas and the rest in marginalized urban areas. More than 10,000 readers per year.

Libraries Program

Libros para Pueblos

4) Librarian Development Program

Libros para Pueblos (LPP)

Every library registered in the LPP-Network has automatic access to this program. It's a yearly training program for librarians which aims to provide them with tools and basic knowledge necessary to fulfill their duties at the libraries. 

This program is equipped with eleven voluntary regional coordinators who monitor and evaluate the impact of all other LPP programs. While assessing the performance of the libraries, regional coordinators visit each library two to three times per year in order to provide support by helping resolve organizational and operational problems as well as issues concerning the promotion of services offered by LLP.

Each librarian is bound to take part in at least one of the three professional development workshops taking place each year as well as the annual conference in which they receive extra training. 142 people take part in at least four workshops every year (two people per library).

There are three annual meetings for regional coordinators where they receive special training regarding leadership, assembly of working groups, event organization, technical courses to promote reading, etc.

Number of participants: 142 librarians (two per each library), 11 Regional Coordinators.

Librarian Development Program

Libros para Pueblos

5) Technology Program

Libros para Pueblos (LPP)

This program aims to improve the technical equipping of libraries. The use of tablets as well as other technology means are used to store electronic books, videos and educational games. Tablets provide libraries with limited storage place with a space-saving alternative to store media. They can also be used as didactic tools to do online research, take photos, record videos, read, play math games, etc. Moreover, desktop computers are being introduced as a research tool to assist students with homework as well serve as an organizational device for the library.

 Number of participants: In 2017, 70 tablets with a content of hundreds of digital books, games and educational videos where delivered to 13 communities in the State of Oaxaca, México. As of this date, LPP has provided 134 tablets and 14 Desktop computers.

Technology Program

Libros para Pueblos

Mission & Partners

What keeps us going

Through reading we connect with our surroundings and people around us, we travel through history, we get to know the real world and enter a world of imagination. One of the most important goals for Libros para México is the promotion of written culture among children who are being excluded due to certain physical, social or economic conditions.

With a little help of our friends

Hand in hand with IBBY México and Libros para Pueblos we want to create a Mexico full of kids who dare to dream and are enabled to broaden their horizons, enriching their world and therefore ours too.


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